Comté AOP features

Montbéliarde or Simmental breeds. Feed is exclusively based on fresh grass and hay (no fermented fodder, such as silage).

Raw milk and daily cheesemaking.

Terroir diversity: milk collecting is limited within an 8-mile radius of the fruitière.

Minimum four months ripening, only on spruce wood shelves. Salt rubbing, turning over and maturing of the cheese wheels at optimal temperature and moisture, which are controlled for all quality features.

Regular analytical and organoleptic examinations.

Visual aspect and contents

70 lb to 100 lb, 21″ to 29″ diameter, and 3″ to 5″ high cheese wheels.

The fat content in dry matter ranges between 45% and 54%.

Total dry matter above 62%.

Salt content: minimum 0.6%.

The moisture content of the fat-free cheese is a minimum of 54%.

The fat content by finished product ranges between 29% and 37%.


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