Bleu de Gex

Cheese making

Raw material :
Raw milk originating from Haut-Jura pastures. Dairy cows are fed with fresh grass and hay (no fermented fodder such as silage, GMO free).

Cheese making :
Blue-veined cheese made in traditional fruitières. Coagulation and cutting at milking temperature. Draining in presence of salt in the wooden tubs.

Ripening :
minimum 3 weeks.

Visual aspect

Format :
14.3 lb to 18.7 lb,
14″ diameter,
and 3″ to 4″ high cheese wheel.
Slightly convex heel.

Rind :
Natural and dry with white moulds.

Cheese centre :
white to ivory colour, including light blue-greenish veins.

Taste :
soft, aromatic and subtle, with a note of bitterness.


Contents : 
Dry extract: minimum 52%.
The fat content in dry matter reaches a minimum of 50%.
The fat content/total weight ratio is around 23%.
Salt content around 1%.
The moisture content of the fat-free cheese: maximum 67%.


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