Cheese making

Raw material:
Jura Massif raw milk.
Dairy cows are exclusively fed with fresh grass and hay (no fermented fodder, such as silage).
Daily milk collection.

Cheese making:
pressed, uncooked type. Additives: rennet and selected milk enzymes, plus vegetable carbon.

minimum 45 days, usually 8 to 12 weeks.

Visual aspect

11 lb to 17 lb,
11″ to 15″ diameter,
and 1″ to 3″ high cheese wheel.
Slightly convex heel.

natural, orange-beige colour, artificial colouring free.

Cheese centre:
melt-in-the-mouth, very soft and smooth.
Solid and continuous black vein of vegetable carbon.
Rare small holes.

full, soft to fruity, creamy.


Dry extract: minimum 50%.
The fat content in dry matter reaches a minimum of 45%.
The fat content/total weight ratio is around 30%.
Salt content around 1%.
The moisture content of the fat-free cheese: maximum 67%.

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