Mont d’Or

Mont d’Or AOP features

Seasonal cheese made between August 15 and March 15.

Raw milk originating from the Haut-Doubs pastures at an altitude above 700 m.

Dairy cows are exclusively fed with fresh grass and hay (no fermented fodder such as silage) (GMO free).

Daily milk collection.

Cheese making :
Soft cheese, slightly pressed. Encircled by spruce bark.

Ripening : 
minimum 3 weeks, continues ripening in the traditional spruce box.

Visual aspects and tasting

Format :
Small size: 1 lb to 1.3 lb.
Medium size: 1. 5 lb to 1.7 lb.
Big size: 4.4 lb to 6.6 lb.

Washed rind with slight surface mould, yellow to light brown colour; the rind comes wrinkled inside its box.

Melt-in-the-mouth and very creamy cheese.

Woody flavour and coniferous aromas. Subtle savour including a note of spruce. Remarkably typical.

THE connoisseur cheese. Mont d’Or is available from September 10 to May 10. It will be most appreciated on the cheese platter or baked in the oven in its box


Dry extract: minimum 45%.

The fat content in dry matter reaches a minimum of 45%.

The fat content/total weight ratio is around 24%.

Salt content around 1%.

The moisture content of the fat-free cheese: maximum 75%.


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